• Mr. Church

    Mr. Church


    This was a film that was on my watch list for a while on Netflix, so I tried to get a good watch out of it today.

    I wasn't disappointed.

    I'm a bit of a sucker for stories that spotlight friendship than romance sometimes because some friendships become more of a familial bond, and that's what this film does, whether one likes it or not. Maybe this film is a bit predictable, but it isn't trying to be complex as…

  • Holy Expectations

    Holy Expectations


    I don't think I've ever seen a Christian production make a modern version of the Nativity that was both hilarious & meaningful at the same time. It's virtually pretty clean for families, seeing that this is a biblical film (with parental supervision if you have youngins). If you're a person of faith who loves a musical comedy with vibrant characterizations of the principle figures of the Nativity, you're gonna like this film more than your average American Christian evangelical film.


  • A Little Princess

    A Little Princess


    An awesome film that gladdens the heart of anyone who watches it, especially anyone who loves imagination, creative storytelling parallels, nice set design, and a great messages all around that's easy to understand because of how well it was demonstrated (without saying it outright). Makes me wish I watched this as a child, but even now as an adult, I appreciate it all the more.

  • The Players Club

    The Players Club


    This film really puts you through a rollercoaster ride, but when you understand that it plays on a lot of irony and dark humor, it makes for a better film than you think, especially with its resolution.

  • Like Water for Chocolate

    Like Water for Chocolate


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This was so wild. I sensed that this was gonna be a magical realism film in the way that Jane the Virgin used magical realism within its telenovela, so this was gonna be more than what I was to imagine.

    With that in mind, the genre makes sense of why the movie is the way it is. If you're in for the fantastical within reality's drama, then it's the movie for you, especially if you love *Anne Shirley-Cuthbert voice* a…

  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five


    This was definitely a film I didn't expect much out of, but it had a lot of great comedy of its time. I loved the fact that it was creative in building the women's friendship over time in and out the workplace. My favorite were their dream/fantasy sequences that were really goofy, cool, yet still incredibly relatable.

    This was also my first movie featuring Jane Fonda & Dolly Parton that I can remember, and they were a delight, especially Dolly. Parton's…

  • Jailhouse Rock

    Jailhouse Rock


    Can't say I'm the target audience for this (which seems more like for someone who really likes the '50s aesthetic and more so Elvis), but I decided to give it a try.

    I recorded this on Turner Classic Movies a few months ago because I heard of the title before, but I finally came around to it for an assignment to watch a movie I wouldn't normally be interested in and this fills the description. I haven't seen other Elvis…