The Master

The Master ★★★★★

I was very excited to revisit this. I saw this for the first time in summer 2019 so parts of this I remembered and some I didn’t. 
I do plan on revisiting a lot of PTA’s filmography this year, which I’m very excited for considering I anticipate him skyrocketing up my favorite directors list. 

Obviously you can’t forget the master classes given by Phoenix and PSH. But the supporting performances are right there too. Amy Adams was just as entrancing as Phoenix and PSH when she had the screen. Can’t forget about Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, or Rami Malek either. Another stacked cast. 

Stunning opening shot. Followed by that score. Gave me chills right away to start the movie. 
The score throughout the movie was incredible. Majestic at times. Anxiety-inducing at other times. The performances alone make this a great movie but the score and cinematography elevate this into a much higher tier for me. 

Speaking of, the photography and the camerawork. The way the camera moved around a scene/room in this just felt consistently masterful. 

As much as there are masterful technical elements to this movie, its heart and soul is the lead performances from Phoenix and PSH. You’re left hanging on to every word they say, every reaction, my eyes and ears were glued to the screen anytime either of them were on it. This combined with the technical side puts this movie in a high class for me.

My thoughts from my first watch: (pretty similar). 

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#2 for now. Interested to see how long it stays ranked so highly.

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