Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Yet another new release I don’t get the hate for. I clearly thought this was totally wicked. I absolutely loved the score for this, I’ll admit that was a big part of my enjoyment of this movie. I also loved the approach Ritchie took for what could’ve been a bit of a cookie-cutter type action movie. Maybe I’m too easy to impress but the reveal an hour in blew my mind. While it didn’t have as much of it as previous movies, it felt like this still had some of that snappy Guy Ritchie dialogue. 

Jason Statham was so cool in this. I normally don’t watch his movies because my perception is that a lot of his movies are basically the same but he was too suave in this. It also took me way too long to realize the actor playing Bullet is the same actor from Mindhunters

The opening credits felt ripped straight from True Detective. Dug the super short & random cameos from Andy García & Post Malone. Also dug the use of chapter titles in this and the the nod to Goodfellas

Overall, this was an action movie that had enough originality injected into it (especially with that fire score) to make for a really entertaining time.

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