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  • TINA



    If for some reason Tina Turner wasn't already one of your favorite peopleβ€”which I can only ask: why?β€”then T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay's stylish, heart-wrenching, masterstroke of a history lesson will change that in a heartbeat; the cruelest reminder that, no matter the fame, no matter the money, no matter how hard you worked, if you're a woman, the probability of it happening to you is frighteningly high, and by the time any self-realization hits, it's already too late, trapped…

  • American Woman

    American Woman


    I'll write a more in-depth review once I can rewatch this without crying so much, but a few things:

    I don't think any other film I've seen better encapsulates what it's like being a woman trapped under the low income oppressiveness of toxic southern culture.

    Sienna Miller is a fucking phenomenal actress that brings so much heart and authenticity to the character of Deb. I feel for her, truly.

    Like father like son, Jake Scott is on the path to becoming a masterstroke filmmaker.

    Must watch, cinematic perfection.

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  • Dummy



    Anything that mocks Dan Harmon's obnoxious as fuck fanbase gets two thumbs up from me.

    I made a Quibi account specifically for Dummy. I don't regret that decision whatsoever. As someone who's not super big into serialized anything, and at least partially anti-streaming, that says more than you might think.

    Without a doubt, the most I've laughed at something intentionally comedic in the longest time, yet manages to ride the entire gamut on an emotional, tragicomedy roller coaster.

    Anna Kendrick…

  • Blade



    It Came From the Backroom, Issue 24

    A series of reviews exploring the dredges of controversial filmmakingβ€”horror, thriller, cult, sleaze, ultraviolence, exploitation, softcore erotica, and adult cinema, all screened on glorious VHS.

    Does 90s action pulp get any better than this?

    Los Angeles at its grittiest, cast in dark shadows and shades of blue. Industrial night clubs blaring techno-tinged breakbeat. A blacked out, 1968 Dodge Charger, prowling empty, trash-strewn streets like a night cat. Blade does its stylish, comic book…