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  • Annihilation


    The creative process behind Annihilation seems oddly transparent. The aesthetics of the world are mirroring the optics of what Google‘s Deep Dream AI does to images and videos. The logic of the world building seems to make sense of the results and put it into terms of physics and biology, extending it to the human psyche.

    Following these themes and motives the depicted world seems more like a dream with crystalline trees, nightmarish animals and nature consuming the last remaining…

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther

    Black Panther is a very fine action movie and probably the best origin story of the MCU, if not the best movie of the MCU at all. The representation of African people and culture felt surprisingly genuine, although I don't get why they didn't film in more African countries (as far as I know only South Africa was part of the production).

    It would have been interesting to see more covert operations of Wakandan spies. This way, the movie would…

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  • Look Who's Back

    Look Who's Back

    One part tedious attention seeking, one part vomit in my mouth, one part well observed satire about german media and society. A very german comedy and by that I mean a good idea half-assed executed. Meh.

  • Radio Home

    Radio Home

    Hömma du Arschloch, dat is en Film dene kucken muss, wennze in Ruhrgebiet aufgewachsen bis. Et is gets nich so, date hier den Zitizen Kän von Bochum bekomms, aba immahin is en guten Kamming off Etsch-Film dabei rausgekomm'. Et gab Zenen, wo ich mich bald an Popcorn verschluckt hab vorn Lachen. Außerdem is mir aufgefall'n, dat ich mein ersten richtichen Kuss au auf ner Party in nem Ruhrpottkeller hatte. Für sonne neural… nostalg… Späße wo de an früher denks, is Radio Heimat genau dat richtige! Nur dat mit den Radio hab' ich nich so richtich verstanden. Da war nur so'n ollen Kassettenrekorder.