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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    More movies should shout their title into my face every chance it gets so I don't forget it.

  • Soul


    What seems like a heartwarming tale about purpose in life only works if you assume a mechanical, very American view of the afterlife and metaphysics in general. The idea, that a soul has to put in work to be completed, has to graduate from some program and fit into the mould some bureaucrats decided on to earn the right to live, is deeply capitalist, ableist and authoritarian. I don't think it's good to embed these ideas into a child's mind…

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  • Radio Home

    Radio Home

    Hömma du Arschloch, dat is en Film dene kucken muss, wennze in Ruhrgebiet aufgewachsen bis. Et is gets nich so, date hier den Zitizen Kän von Bochum bekomms, aba immahin is en guten Kamming off Etsch-Film dabei rausgekomm'. Et gab Zenen, wo ich mich bald an Popcorn verschluckt hab vorn Lachen. Außerdem is mir aufgefall'n, dat ich mein ersten richtichen Kuss au auf ner Party in nem Ruhrpottkeller hatte. Für sonne neural… nostalg… Späße wo de an früher denks, is Radio Heimat genau dat richtige! Nur dat mit den Radio hab' ich nich so richtich verstanden. Da war nur so'n ollen Kassettenrekorder.

  • Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe

    Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe

    It's amazing how subtle Schrader managed to direct certain critical scenes. She always keeps the balance between the said and the unsaid and uses it to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and sadness.

    "Vor der Morgenröte" is a very good biopic which doesn't use a single ounce of pathos to portray it's subject.