The creative process behind Annihilation seems oddly transparent. The aesthetics of the world are mirroring the optics of what Google‘s Deep Dream AI does to images and videos. The logic of the world building seems to make sense of the results and put it into terms of physics and biology, extending it to the human psyche.

Following these themes and motives the depicted world seems more like a dream with crystalline trees, nightmarish animals and nature consuming the last remaining evidence of human civilization. This is a world uninhabitable by humans. The strange sense of the end of days is omnipresent inside the shimmer. The cosmic horror and the suspense made me think of The Colour Out Of Space by H. P. Lovecraft.

I think the psychological aspects are too light and boil down to „Everyone went crazy!“, which is a bummer. Annihilation is still pretty interesting and watchable. I like the vibe of silent, unstoppable, imminent doom.