Arrival hits close to home. I love language and I am fascinated by linguistics. Maybe I should take some time and discuss some details of this movie a little bit longer. For now: Arrival is a good movie. It's a positive sci-fi movie, that made a fluffy, warm feeling in my belly and made me think that humanity maybe has a chance to survive more than the next 100 or 200 years.

It's not the positive sci-fi movie I have been waiting for, though. It tells a weird story, but very conventional and from a perspective that's not immersive enough. I haven't read The Story of Your Life, but I bet it's narrated from a first person perspective. The title of the short story Arrival is based on, makes much more sense to me, because it emphasizes those parts of the story which deal with very subjective, very human stuff. More subjectivity would have caused more ambiguity, which I would have loved. It bothers me, that Arrival explains every detail and leaves not much room for interpretation.

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