Baby Driver

Edgar Wright feels the beat and goes with it. Baby Driver is an almost perfectly choreographed musical for people who don't like musicals. Seeing Ansel Elgort dance in the kitchen of his foster father was a nice treat! I bet the pitch went something like "Let's make a musical! Wait, hear me out! For men! With cars and violence and shit!"

All characters are cardboard cutouts. Baby goes from "Oh no! We can't hurt anybody!" to "Bang! You are dead!" in no time and without raising an eyebrow. The love interest (that's all she is supposed to be) is fine with it, too. The last act of the movie deteriorates into a bloody mess. Baby Driver reminds me of Drive and in my case that's not a compliment.

Also, I don't understand why Blue Song by Mint Royale didn't make it into the movie.