Black Panther

Black Panther is a very fine action movie and probably the best origin story of the MCU, if not the best movie of the MCU at all. The representation of African people and culture felt surprisingly genuine, although I don't get why they didn't film in more African countries (as far as I know only South Africa was part of the production).

It would have been interesting to see more covert operations of Wakandan spies. This way, the movie would have conveyed more of the idea that Wakanda was a highly advanced, hidden country, struggling to find a way to help people in need outside of their territory without revealing itself. The James Bond vibe was already there with Shuri as Q and T'Challa as 007.

It surprises me, that they burned through three major adversaries of Black Panther in one single movie. A decade after Iron Man, they still use the shadow nemesis as the final boss, which is not very interesting. At least the finale didn't focus on exploding things in the sky.

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