Mad Max: Fury Road ★★★★½

"The director of Babe and Happy Feet brings you Mad Max: Grannies on Motorcycles"

There is little that distinguishes Mad Max: Fury Road from most productions of the Asylum studio. The plot is practically non-existent. The whole movie is basically a two hour long car chase sequence in a post-apocalyptic desert. This movie could be the wet dream of a boy not quite out of puberty. And it is fun as fuck!

This movie has a female protagonist with motor oil in her face and a prosthetic mechanical claw. This movie has a guy playing electrical guitar on top of a bunch of speakers which are mounted onto a car. This movie has old women teaching young women to shoot. This movie explains the concept of toxic masculinity as dumb as possible. Mad Max: Fury Road does all this without loosing the style and feel of Mad Max 2 and Mad Max 3.

Mad Max: Fury Road is interesting because it resembles some very bad movies very closely but all those small things George Miller, Brendan McCarthy and Nico Lathouris put in there made it worthwhile and probably the best action movie of 2015.

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