Mad Max: Fury Road

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Another day at the office for Max Rockatansky: Getting captured by a car worshipping cult, overcoming patriarchy and uniting it's ruins with the legacy of matriarchy to create a communist utopia. Business as usual.

When I first saw this movie I was overwhelmed by explosions, sound and car chase sequences, but I couldn't stop thinking about Mad Max: Fury Road for a week. I knew it was good, but there was something more. I couldn't articulate what it was, but I knew it was there. Watching it a second time helped comprehending the whole beauty of this movie.

At first I thought there was not much of a story or a plot. What a doofus I was! Mad Max: Fury Road tells more things in a few frames most movies can't tell in hours! Not only is there so much symbolism and encrypted information, but development in relationships and evolving characters. Max starts out as an animal slowly becoming human again. Becoming caring again. Every small detail in this movie is meaningful. George Miller just isn't clubbing stuff into dialogue so everything is obvious. He doesn't need his characters to speak. He doesn't need to explain why Immortans men throw the thirsty back in the sand and the women pick them up. Miller doesn't think his audience is stupid like other franchises *cough* Transformers *cough* do.

Mad Max: Fury Road works on so many levels. You can choose your own poison: blunt action, broad symbolism or detailed analysis of cinematography. Hopefully the next vignettes of the dystopian waste Max will show us in the years to come will be equally grand and fantastic.