Sons of Norway

Hippies, punks, family, father and son. Sons of Norway is one of my all time favorites. It's a coming of age movie that deals with trauma and follows the rhythm of 1970s music like The Sex Pistols and E.L.O. The way this movie deals with bourgeois rules of the suburb and how it frames youth culture and revolt is very interesting. Yes, Magnus hangs bananas into his Christmas tree and sings the Internationale at the feasting table, but in some ways he has already adapted to the live in the suburbs. Yes, rebellion is defended, but excess and drugs are not.
The glorification and usage of Lone, the mother, is in some ways problematic. She's almost depicted as a supernatural being of pure good and has basically no life outside her motherhood. She's a mere plot device that serves the development of Magnus and Nikolaj.

I like this movie for its rhythm, the music and the Christmas bananas. It's a good example of a funny movie driven by tragedy.