The Nothing Factory

The Nothing Factory tries to paint a picture of the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 in Portugal. There is much talk about the end of capitalism, Marxist and other ideas to move forward or theoretical discussions about the value of work that are set in contrast to the practical problems of workers.

I have two major problems with this movie. First of all, it is way too long and clunky. The Nothing Factory has no style, there are big problems with pacing and it feels more like a documentary than fiction. I was always waiting for a kicker that would make this movie more interesting. I had to wait almost 150 minutes for it. Louise-Michele did this way better years ago.

Secondly, while The Nothing Factory uses working class people as subjects, it is not a movie for the working class, but for academics and rich festival attendees. It demonstrates the gaze of the rich on the poor. It is, at least partially, poverty porn for would-be revolutionaries of the upper classes.