War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes concludes the trilogy started by Rise of the Planet of the Apes in 2011. This was the ninth movie I have seen of this franchise and I could still watch more. After the iconic Planet of the Apes from 1968 and the harsh and steady decline afterwards, the failed attempt at a remake of the original movie in 2001, this new trilogy seems to be the most interesting.

There aren't many movies in which humans and other species are pitted against each other and the narration is focused on the non-humans. Even fewer, in which you are supposed to root against your own species. The audience gets so deeply emotionally involved with the apes, that you have to remind yourself, that those are computer generated creatures.

The Planet of the Apes franchise seems to be the perfect playground to figure out a way out of the uncanny valley. Apes share a lot of features and expressions with humans, but we are not as familiar with their faces, as we are with human ones. We don't mind the little inconsistencies in their facial expressions. The experience gained on this will benefit the photo realistic animation of human faces.

War of the Planet of the Apes is a successful conclusion to the trilogy. It features the triumph of compassion and the valuation of life over violence and hate. The apes will probably return and be forced to use violent means to defend themselves again. After all: these are action movies. But I hope the positive attitude toward non-violent solutions this franchise portrayed up until this point will continue.

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