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  • Thelma



    This really holds up to a second viewing despite knowing what's coming, maybe because I knew what was coming. Regardless, this is a tight yet subdued thriller that immediately sets a mood as a Norwegian father takes his little girl out over the ice to hunt and while she is distracted he slowly turns his rifle...on her. So clearly something ain't right. We flash-forward many years to that same young girl, now in university with some comfy distance between her…

  • Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl


    I mostly liked this little drama thriller about a burgeoning sociopath. But it is often a bit slow and meandering and it doesn't really have a very strong narrative other than crazy woman befriends quiet woman who blossoms and becomes crazier woman. I mean that really does sum up it up for you if you need any help making a decision as to whether or not you're going to watch it.

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  • Duel



    I'd imagine most directors would settle on having a movie like DUEL end up being their best movie. Now, imagine having a movie like DUEL being your first movie. There's so much confidence on display here it's almost unsettling. It's such a simple story told almost entirely through motion, a visual feast of tension. If you think about it, DUEL's DNA is all over JAWS. The movie was made-for-TV and debuted about two weeks before I was born. And while…

  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    This is a long movie and it feels like it but, in this rare case, that's not necessarily a bad thing because it really does allow you to spend some time with the always phenomenal Harry Dean Stanton and no one can really complain about that. His character enters as a cypher, mute, lost to his family for four years. And as he steadily makes his way back to his new home, layers are peeled ultimately revealing a raw man,…