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  • Gone Baby Gone

    Gone Baby Gone


    So many accents. Throwing Boston in your face like it's going out of style, the film sets you up to face a difficult moral decision and will leave you most likely yelling at the screen begging the character to make the "wrong" choice for the "right" reason. The cast is loaded with some pretty great actors though I can't help but think the Angie Gennaro character gets shorted a bit because she isn't being played by the brother of the…

  • Rush Week

    Rush Week


    The golden age of the slasher who lad since come and gone by the time this creeped out so it's not really surprising that it a pretty weak entry in the genre and not an especially shining example of its sub-genre, the college killer flick. The tone is all over the place spending way too much time on throwaway frat hijinks and a needless romance. There are only a few kills and they're not particularly memorable and very bloodless. The…

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  • Life



    Now this is some high quality pop entertainment. Take a B-movie script, get some recognizable and good actors. Throw a little extra cash at some bigger names. Establish early that no one's safe. Spend a little on production design and some VFX, add in a propulsive score to let you know when shit's about to get real. Mix it all together, roll camera. The film doesn't set out to do anything that hasn't already been done but it does try…

  • Duel



    I'd imagine most directors would settle on having a movie like DUEL end up being their best movie. Now, imagine having a movie like DUEL being your first movie. There's so much confidence on display here it's almost unsettling. It's such a simple story told almost entirely through motion, a visual feast of tension. If you think about it, DUEL's DNA is all over JAWS. The movie was made-for-TV and debuted about two weeks before I was born. And while…