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  • The Row

    The Row


    We kind of knew the was going to be straight garbage going in but the damn thing just reeked of prime movie group material so we just rolled with it. But I don't think we expected it to be this bad. I had to dig deep to find something to like between the awful camera work, wretched editing, hack directing, cliched story, and terrible acting.

    And there it performance stood out. That of Natali Yura of Vladisvotok who may…

  • A Simple Favor

    A Simple Favor


    The more I sat on this as the evening progressed the more I liked it. It plays up a lot of tropes that will be very familiar to mystery/thriller fans. But it does so in original, slightly twisted ways. Even then, it wouldn't be half as much fun without Lively and Kendrick who really are just on fire here with two very distinctive performances. The film ended up being a lot funnier than I thought it would be and that's not such a bad thing when you're dealing with such sordid, soapy material.

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  • Duel



    I'd imagine most directors would settle on having a movie like DUEL end up being their best movie. Now, imagine having a movie like DUEL being your first movie. There's so much confidence on display here it's almost unsettling. It's such a simple story told almost entirely through motion, a visual feast of tension. If you think about it, DUEL's DNA is all over JAWS. The movie was made-for-TV and debuted about two weeks before I was born. And while…

  • Lowlife



    I've been intrigued by the movie since I saw some of the first images from it of one of the main characters wearing a Lucha mask. So there was never any doubt I was going to watch it. That I enjoyed it as much as I did was a genuine surprise though one that probably should have been expected given its overall rating average. Ugliness abounds in a world of black market organ trading and sex trafficking with terrible people…