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  • Thor: The Dark World

    Thor: The Dark World


    This movie is the poster child of generic MCU films and thankfully something they've been steadily moving away from for some time now. Firstly, it's just drab. Anything that isn't happening on Asgard has this terrible color scheme that just dulls whatever's happening. It features, bar none, the worst Marvel villain whose name I'm having trouble remembering and I just got done watching it 5 minutes ago. All the hoo-hah surrounding the Aether is just mumbo jumbo as bad as…

  • Veronica



    That rarest of films that actually lived up to the hype that's been built around it. There are a lot of genuinely frightening moments in this film as the tension and dread mount throughout its runtime. It's well acted and well directed. There are really great and inventive shots, solid FX work, a score that heightens the mood. It's just a plain damn solid horror flick that does what it needs to do.

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  • Duel



    I'd imagine most directors would settle on having a movie like DUEL end up being their best movie. Now, imagine having a movie like DUEL being your first movie. There's so much confidence on display here it's almost unsettling. It's such a simple story told almost entirely through motion, a visual feast of tension. If you think about it, DUEL's DNA is all over JAWS. The movie was made-for-TV and debuted about two weeks before I was born. And while…

  • Suburbicon



    "Hey Joel! It's George, long time no see. How you doing? Good, good. How's Frannie? Oh yeah. Three Billboards Over What? Sounds crazy. Maybe she'll win another Oscar, right?

    "Anyway, hey I'm looking to direct something and was wondering if maybe you and Ethan maybe wanted to pitch me a script. Thought it'd be cool to work again. Awesome, awesome. Let's meet in say...2 months or so and we can hammer something out. See you then."

    <Flash forward two months>…