Midsommar ★★★★½

This. This is the reason I've never really done drugs or get liquored up anymore. That world is spinning, nothing makes sense, everything is flipping feeling is not desirable especially when everyone with you is on the same damn trip. As the one sober dude on the trip, I would've been able to grab my friends the second I walked into that damn commune and say "Guys, we gotta bounce. This shit ain't right."

And it ain't right. It's not even close to right. Yeah, there's some Ugly Americans get what's coming here but there's also some that dude didn't deserve that as well. It's a slow build to the first truly effed thing happens but when it finally does you can feel it coming. And it's powerful. And it opens the flood gates to all the other nastiness.

The movie's a little long but the scenery and the cinematography are so gorgeous you won't mind. Aster isn't at all subtle about what's happening and more importantly what's about to happen but the film is still very layered and thematically deep. Lots of stuff going on here, lot's to say, and that will reward future viewings.

Florence Pugh really shines here and honestly the whole cast really delivers. But yeah, this is Pugh's to run with and she crosses the finish line in glorious and disturbing fashion.

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