Champions ★★½

Is it predictable as hell? Absolutely. 
Is it still cute? Absolutely. 

Bobby Farrelly is in his lane with this cheesy and heartfelt comedy. It’s no There’s Something About Mary or Hall Pass but it has its moments. The basketball staging is pretty rough but it’s still a sweet story with some funny jokes. 

Woody Harrelson is always enjoyable, Kaitlin Olson is great, and the kids are the real highlights. So much personality and humor in each of them. 

Meeting the team, reuniting with Alex in the car, and the bus ride scenes are pretty funny. The middle of the movie slows down as the relationships are developing and the break-ups are okay. The locker room speeches by Cosentino and Marcus are the best scenes of the film. Oh and also the sprained finger lol. The ending hits every story beat and is predictable but the movie is still a decent watch. 

“If I can’t say the R word what do I call them?”

“I’m your homie with an extra chromie”

“Will it give me a hard on?”
“Well if you’re lucky Marlon”

“Not now Wikipedia”


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