Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★

"Today people want sensationalism, the more you rape their senses, the happier they are."

Today felt like the day I was ready to get my senses raped by 'Cannibal Holocaust', so that's what I went with this evening. I've got the Shameless blu-ray with both versions on it, but I decided to watch 'Ruggero Deodato's new edit' from 2011, with some of the most severe animal cruelty removed from it, instead of the original cut. Shameless has done a great job with this release. It looks and sounds amazing for a movie from 1980!
It's about a team of 4 young documentary makers and a guide going into the Amazon jungle looking for a mythical tribe. When they don't return, a professor/scientist is send after them to find them. He finds the tribe and manages to secure the reels of filmtape that the team used to record their proceedings. When the professor watches the reels , he finds out what exactly happened to them....
'Cannibal Holocaust' is a brutal movie and certainly not for everyone. The message of the movie comes across loud and clear. And it also would have without the brutality....but then again, this movie would have been far less memorable and hence not as infamous without that. The well known scene with the impaled body still looks incredible after 40+ years!

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