A Ghost Story ★★★½

I think this was really weird and had some moments that dragged but overall I really enjoyed watching it. I like gentle, quiet movies and I like movies that play with time. I also really like Rooney Mara. She’s one of the few people I can just watch eat pie for 5 minutes straight. 

There’s a monologue in the middle of this movie from a guy at a random party who talks for like 10 minutes about how life is meaningless and that everything will one day be forgotten. 

And while this man is so very punchable, I really enjoyed watching this scene cause it brought me back to nearly every party I’ve been to where that one stoner guy is always talking about how we’re all just specks in the universe and it made me laugh, which was a nice break from the rest of the movie even if it was tonally out of place. I don’t think we were supposed to laugh at this but movies can be whatever you make of them so whatever haha

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