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This review may contain spoilers.

okay I’ve seen this twice now so here’s a longer list of my actual thoughts:

1) I love how they subverted my expectations so much. I had assumed the time travel thing was going to happen but I didn’t think they would stay in 2023 and bring the snapped people back to that year. That’s gonna be so interesting for the universe moving forward 
2) I wish we had seen more of Okoye and what was happening in Wakanda. 
3) I really loved the arcs they set up for every character (except Thor..) but especially black widow. I’ve never really cared about her before but the way they ended her story made me appreciate her a lot more and I... sad 
4) Thor Lebowski was funny sometimes but it really got old pretty quickly. I wasn’t into it 
5) I loved the time heist and all of the nostalgic call back moments 
6) I wasn’t expecting nebula and gamora to break my heart this much but they were FANTASTIC in endgame 
7) the shot of cap standing alone against Thanos’s entire army was BEAUIFUL and my favorite shot of the movie 
8) the battle in the last hour was my favorite part of the whole movie. I SCREAMED when Cap wielded mjolnir 
9) absolute best scene was blank panther running with the gauntlet and then passing it off to spidey and then spidey handing it off to captain marvel 
10) actually the best scene was the moment when peter says I don’t know how you’re going to get through all that and then ✨THE WOMEN✨ show up to give her backup. I CRIED. 
11) I love Tony Stark 3000 and his death scene was beautifully done and I’m very happy that his last words were I am iron man. 
12) I’m still a lil confused about some things with cap’s ending but I don’t really mind and I’m glad he finally got his dance with Peggy 
13) I’m so excited to see what comes next 😊✨ I think it’ll be really cool if Thor is part of guardians of the galaxy 3

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