Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie ★★★★

Adaptations are not easy, whether from a play to a movie or a movie to show or anything - taking a story normally told in one format and changing it to work for another format is hard. Cowboy Bebop, the show, works really well in its 20 minute episodic format. Each story is tight and unique. So taking that away and stretching it out into a full length movie was never going to be an easy task, but they succeeded.

They succeeded because they didn’t lose sight of what makes up the heart of the show - the characters. How each of them grow within themselves and within the group. Giving each character their own separate arc in this movie was smart because it broke the story up enough to give it a more episodic feel, similar to the show. The story still felt like a Cowboy Bebop episode and that is important.

This was great and if you love the show then this is definitely worth checking out. It has everything you would want from the show but in a longer format. It has beautiful, I really mean BEAUTIFUL, animation. It has a terrifying and interesting villain. It has Jet being a space dad and worrying about everyone without acknowledging that he’s worrying about everyone. It’s great!!

(Sorry though, I do have one complaint and I really just felt like I had to say this even though I loved this movie on a whole a lot. I do not like what they did with Faye’s arc in this story. If she had been given more to do besides run around the city, be sexually assaulted and then think about that the rest of the movie, I would have loved this movie even more.)

Anyway, Final Good Thing about this movie: the background animation on this is the best I’ve ever seen, I am in love with these animated buildings now they’re gorgeous.

Real Actual Final Good Thing about the movie: THE MUSIC IS AMAZING

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