Gemini Man ★★

At first it was a generic Will Smith action movie and I was like meh but THEN we got twink Will Smith with daddy issues and I was like YES. 

I just wish this movie had been a little cheesier cause it wasn’t quite bad enough to be super entertaining but it had its moments. 

The woman in this story (who’s name I don’t remember because she was barely a character) was one of the worst written characters I’ve seen in a WHILE. And they reeeeally reached for a reason to have her take off her clothes lol 

The visual effects sometimes worked and sometimes were insanely cheesy. I literally laughed out loud at a few moments because of how bad they looked. There was one part where water dramatically sprayed towards the camera which I guess was supposed to look cool in 3D but since we saw it in 2D, it was hilarious. And as my roommate put it “is it 2005?” 

However, this movie did have the best moment of any movie so far in 2019 and that was when twink Will Smith smacked real Will Smith in the face with a motorcycle.

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