I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★★

I’m very lucky to have a mother that I love and that loves me.

Although it’s always a little more complex than that, isn’t it? There’s a lot of stories about bad relationships with mothers that I’ve never been able to really connect with because what we have is more complicated than that. I Killed My Mother understands how hard it is to love and hate someone so much. It understands the back and forth in your mind shifting between respect and resentment.

It’s hard to love someone, but not want to be alone with them.

It’s hard to love someone, but be annoyed by everything they say.

It’s hard to love someone who sees raising you as a burden and would rather just be your friend.

Xavier Dolan’s character deals with these complexities with anger, I dealt with mine with apathy and avoidance. It can be hard sometimes to figure out your feelings about someone and I respect this film immensely for what it does. It’s harsh and loud but it’s personal and beautiful.

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