It Chapter Two β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

β€œLet’s kill this fucking clown.” I feel like those will probably be the last words I hear before I get murdered.Β 

I like the first It better but I still enjoyed It Chapter 2. Like the first, my favorite part of the movie is the dynamic with the friend group. The casting choices were great, I really believed that these were the same characters. (And to whoever casted Xavier Dolan.. thank you! 😊)

My issue is with the length, obviously and the second act. There’s a long section where the Losers split up and it is interesting in terms of character development but just the way it was put together felt so repetitive. And there wasn’t a lot to break the tension in that part so I was exhausted by the end.Β 

I think this one was scarier than the first up until the end. I really like these characters though and Pennywise is such a great, spooky villain that I did have a good time watching this. Also I gotta love the gay representation!Β 

Overall, I mostly positive on this. I just thought that some parts needed to be cut because it was too long and repetitive. And everyone was right, Bill Hader was the MVP of this movie - he was so great.Β 

scavenger hunt 54 β€”> watch a movie where someone has a bad relationship with their fatherΒ 
sept 2019 horror hunt β€”> 4/30
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