Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Overall I actually really liked a lot about this. The style, the acting, the clothes. Visually it was a really cool experience, especially in the first hour. I do think it falters in several ways and however much those bother you would definitely affect how you feel about the film. 

My biggest issue was with John as a character… he was so poorly written that I thought there was going to be a twist reveal that he wasn’t real. Talk about a manic pixie dream boy. We know absolutely nothing about him and he just shows up at every convenient moment. That really bothered me cause he could have contributed a lot to the story other than being a plot device. 

The middle of this movie started to drag and not in a boring way but in an emotionally exhausting way. There really needed to be something to break that up (other than John just standing there) cause it made my chest feel so heavy and it got really overbearing. I personally think a lot of it could have just been cut altogether. 

I also see a lot of mixed opinions on the ending and I honestly think that all takes on it are valid which is kind of the same as having no opinion but idk it’s such a personal subject matter that I can understand most points of view. I do think that a lot of the ending felt really messy and didn’t land in quite the way that I wanted.  

I don’t know why but despite all of that I still liked it and I think that’s heavily because Anya Taylor Joy and Thomasin McKenzie are fantastic. 

WAIT PS - I forgot to talk about Jacosta wtf I wanted that story to resolve in some way and it just didn’t at all. Justice for Jacosta.

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