Rocketman ★★★★★

It isn’t easy to figure out what more to say about a movie that you’ve logged 17 times beforehand but I’m gonna try anyway!!!

I think there’s something really important about this movie and by that I don’t necessarily mean important for the world, although that can be true, but to me personally. The power that this movie has over me really shows the importance of films and what they can mean for people. It’s more than an artform, it can really impact people’s lives.

I needed this movie and I didn’t even know it until I had it. I needed to see a gay person shown with such love and complexity and empathy. I needed to see someone fall into such a deep depression that they can’t bear to live with a sober mind. They can’t stay awake or asleep or keep track of the days. Cause I’ve been there and it’s a hard thing to describe.

And it’s hard to describe it without coming across as super self-indulgent in misery and pain. This film manages to take those really dark moments and tell them with whimsy and charm, which I really appreciate. Because when your mind is constantly shoving darker and darker thoughts into your head and you become so trapped in that numbness, it can be easy to only seek out things that will keep hurting you and indulge in misery.

But sometimes you need something that shows pain and shows that it can be worked through and you can still fill your life with light and kindness. And I’m going to keep trying to do that as much as I can.

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