The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House ★★★★★

So the thing about growing up in darkness, growing up watching the darkness engulf your mother while you sit in the corner and wait for it to get you next... is that it doesn’t leave you. Not when you grow up. Not when you leave that house. You take it with you forever. 

I don’t really like talking about certain aspects of my upbringing because my mother suffers severely from mental illness and that was really hard and complicated for us to deal with. Because you feel sympathy and anger and fear and impatience for her and her situation but you’re too young to know how to deal with it. 

The Haunting of Hill House is the best example of media that I’ve ever seen that has captured the feeling of family trauma and mental illness. Making it a horror metaphor through a ghost story was so brilliant. The sibling dynamics are what really sold me on this story because you really do have to rely on each other when you have a mother who can’t and a father who’s overwhelmed. 

When you all grow up and leave that house, you don’t just leave that behind. You all carry that fear and pain with you in different ways. And the only way to move on is to rely on each other to pull you into the light. Learn to forgive and accept that pain is just part of life. You can’t deny or hide it, you just have to accept that the ghosts are there.

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