Waves ★½

Aesthetically I thought this style was cool but I did start to get annoyed with halfway through. It felt like I was scrolling through my Instagram instead of watching a movie sometimes. 

My biggest problem with this was that it felt like 2 different movies that were badly glued together. The first half of the movie was interesting but kind of irritating. The second half was such a huge tonal shift that I was confused for a while. 

After the confusion died down the boredom settled in. The second half of this movie took a much different turn than the first and it just moved at such a slow pace that I really struggled to stay interested. And it had really problematic ‘white savior’ implications that I think made this movie unbearable. I don’t think that this story should have been told by a white man. 

I will say that I thought all of the acting was incredible. Kelvin Harrison Jr is wildly talented and I can’t wait for him to be in more movies.

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