Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★★

One that totally went under my radar.
Thanks Vinegar Syndrome for putting out this gem in the rough on a glorious Blu-ray release!

Eight years before "Scream" popularised the witty slasher spoof, this British film did a "Friday the 13th" parody, by being a sincere slasher film in part, ridiculing the tropes, adding more humanity to Jason Voorhees (here he's called Jackson) and a more fleshed out character by giving him the characteristics a tragic Frankenstein monster falling in love with a blind girl. And it's basically the same "romance" Troma did in the Toxic Avenger film. The Jackson make-up under the goalie mask even resembled Toxie.

The opening of the film going through the motions of a party massacre was loads of fun, introducing several kills that were way gorier than allowed at the time in the Friday the 13th franchise. The spear skewering from Friday part 2 made an appearance in a way that would never be allowed by the MPAA. The crazy Ralph and the jokester character made an appearance in the first five minutes of the flick. Of course, the obligatory T&A for the subgenre is also present.

The killings took a backseat once the romance started, but both leads made it engaging and interesting throughout.
Now I know where George Lucas got the idea of adding the "Noooooo" line for Darth Vader.
It's fairly short clocking at 88 minutes, so it moved at a brisk pace with a high bodycount.
Quite a meta ending too for the time.

Fans of Friday the 13th or slasher flicks in general should make this essential viewing.

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