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  • Hands of Steel

    Hands of Steel


    This film should be much more fun than it is. It's a cheap Terminator clone with a thin plot and some ridiculous scenarios. I very much enjoyed the high points, like the ridiculous focus on arm-wrestling early on, the sublimely terrible "I am a perfect cyborg!" scene and the fact that George Eastman shows up and overacts in amusing fashion. The main character's awful attempt at acting like a robot is also kind of amazing. Oh, and the worst laser…

  • The Mad Dog Killer

    The Mad Dog Killer

    Perhaps not a bad film, per se, but it had some serious pacing issues and I was bored with the rather loose and unengaging plot. Gave up after 50 minutes because it felt like the plot still hadn't really started and some of the scenes dragged on for so long that I couldn't pay attention anymore. The rape/murder scene feels like it's 45 minutes long, not because it's uncomfortable, but because it's very unremarkable. I really didn't notice any of…

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  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile


    Interesting little time capsule. While a little too over the top to take completely seriously at times, I feel like I had to constantly remind myself that, during much of the cold war, the fear and paranoia over the looming nuclear war was very real and not over the top. Since I was too young at the time, it's hard to say if Miracle Mile is exaggerated and perhaps even a little satirical, or if people really were ready to…

  • Mayhem



    Meh. Not enough of the titular mayhem at all. Steven Yeun was likeable but I knew that from watching more Walking Dead than I care to admit, and it's not at all surprising that he could carry a role. His sidekick was pretty likeable too, as was the general tone, direction and plot, but there just wasn't enough insanity going on here.

    It's impossible not to compare it to Belko Experiment and it feels like both had the problem of…