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  • Hereditary


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Maybe it was because I was suffering a mild stomach ache, but I really could not take this movie seriously or understand the hype for it. The tone and pacing felt off all over the place. It takes forever to get started, because it wants to be emotional but made me feel nothing, and once it does get started, it felt like The Exorcist but stupid.

    Really don't understand what they were going for by showing the kid's death and…

  • Upgrade



    Enjoyable little scifi thriller. Nicely shot and directed, with a decently compelling if mostly predictable plot, and I liked Logan Marshall-Green in the role. The fight scenes are the obvious standout, as they are incredibly cool, and both the cinematographer and Marshall-Green nail it. It's like a robotic version of the classic kung fu scene where a master can deflect every attack from a lesser fighter, except more violent and bloody.

    However, the big complaint is that the plot is…

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  • House III: The Horror Show

    House III: The Horror Show


    What an odd movie. The clash of tones is interesting in its own right even if it doesn't quite work. This is a rather serious tale of a cop dealing with the PTSD he's suffered from spending years chasing a ruthless serial killer, culminating in the officer bearing witness to the killer decapitating a child, but it's also a schlocky and often humorous gorefest.

    There are elements of insanity throughout, where both the audience and Lance Henriksen's cop character aren't…

  • The Barbarians

    The Barbarians


    If I felt like I could accurately transcribe the sound the titular barbians make when they see a sexy lady, perform a feat of strength or just take a shower in a waterfall, this review would just be that sound and it would be glorious. I just don't think I can do it justice in text.

    Fuck it.