Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

This will definitely move up to a 5 star rating eventually, I think because I went in with such high expectations, i was setting myself up to not love it as much. 

Anyways, this film was so great, the animation was breathtaking, the score was surprisingly incredible, the voice cast was nothing short of amazing and the film also had such a great story. One of my favourite things about this film was how they introduced each character, I loved the way how all of the characters had a similar backstory but it was changed to fit that specific character. The one major gripe I have with the film is that I found the final fight a little too over the top, but I'm sure I'll love the final fight after rewatch. 

I'm so glad I attended an advance screening and I really wanna come back to the theater and see it again.


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