Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

when she laughed so hard she snorted i lost my shit i am so fucking in love with her. anyways i am honestly at a loss of words. my god this was so dark. so funny. so fucked up. so scary. it's so relevant and exactly what we need right now. this movie is somehow rated R here in singapore which is unnecessary cause we! need! the! young! men! to! learn! that! no! means! no! there's a lot i can say about the message behind this film. the obvious ones and the not so obvious ones. but i am not going to elaborate on that because 1. i am not a woman, i can't say nothing about this and 2. i really think you gotta watch this and form your own opinions and figure out the message yourself.

the way the tone of the film goes back and forth is insane. it was so well executed and it isn't supposed to work, but it does. it does this whole tonal shift thing throughout its runtime and it is so fascinating. it makes this feel like a parody of this whole rape revenge genre thing (poorly worded, im sorry), and yet it sends its message across better than any other film has. cassie isn't some girl looking for revenge by killing men. no no no, that's what the audience wants. and emerald fennell said fuck the audience. cassie is much more complex than the stereotypical revenge film. she actually wants men to feel bad about what the did, she wants them to learn, she wants them to grow. which is what makes that ending so much more devastating. speaking of the ending, i see why some dislike it i guess? but i thought it was so well done. i entirely agree with nata's words though, "it tricks you into thinking it was a happy ending." cause it's not. it really is not. cassie never gets to accomplish her goals. men. they never learn do they.

carey mulligan puts on one of her best performances to date, on par with her excellent role in 2009's An Education. cassie was hilarious, frightening, intense, and so god damn interesting. perfectly casted in my opinion. My would be oscar winner if not for jessie buckley lol. sorry queen mulligan.

okay i haven't wrote this much in forever. I'm just gonna touch on a few technical aspects of it. Firstly, the framing of every shot is absolutely fucking fantastic. The camera work is stunning. The use of colors is fabulous. Really contrasts with the extremely dark themes the film covers and the deadpan attitude cassie has. lastly, the soundtrack is BOMB. AS. FUCK. cmon it opens w charli xcx what more do you want.