Nope ★★★★½

Had to sit w this one but get ready for major dickriding I think. So second time around this movie was more breathtaking and horrific somehow. Idk if I was just really high but I swear to god I was nearly brought to tears like three times. 

I’m feeling — at what point does documentation become exploitation? When it comes to unknown creatures, animals used for entertainment, child actors, the unnamed jockey in the first motion picture? 

The urge to be known and to be known FOR something is seen in most every character. Failed child actor trying to make a new spectacle, daughter who can’t quite fit in the family business and does a billion things on the side, filmmaker (enough said). 

Okay AND, the urge to know. Between Gordy and Jean jacket, we see that animals are meant to just at the basic level survive. Humans don’t just survive, humans, as seen in nope, fatalistically pursue knowledge and truth. There is a lethal fascination with the unknowable. The Haywood’s want to be known for, want to get the “Oprah shot” for, a revelation of the incomprehensible: a UFO that is actually itself and alien and it looks like a squid flower jellyfish thing and it’s really good at being something that is just not easy to imagine or describe ??? Characters are punished for the hubris of wanting to be either the spectacle or the spectator. Jupe is killed because he is desperately trying to regain the fame of his childhood, trying to be the spectacle. While Jean Jacket attacks those who look at it, the spectators. Anyways. I lost it. Jordan Peele did it again good movie

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