The Descent

I read the reviews. I saw the film. Then I checked the reviews again to see if I read them right the first time and it turns out I did. I really don't see what people are raving about.

The films starts off promisingly with the accident in the beginning and scene at the hospital. Then all the seams started to come off.

The shots were uninspired. The acting is quite bad. And then there's the monsters. That's when I stopped taking this film seriously.

It's not that I didn't know that there were monsters in this film. I did. It's when I saw them. The monsters were cliched, cheesy and horribly out-of-place. That monster screech has been used in way to many films. I know that this is a low-budget film and that's usually a sign for you to show less. That's very effective in horror films, but here they show you way to much of the monsters, and they just look plain silly.

What the film does capably capture is the sense of claustrophobia. The cave scenes before any of the monsters appear are tense, but not exactly nerve racking.

I know this is a B-movie and all, but I feel it lacks a sense of humor that most good B-movies have. I went into this film with a decent amount of expectations. Not very high ones. I really don't see it.

If anyone would like to make a case for it I'd gladly hear it out, but right now I really don't think this is a good film at all.

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