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  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky


    Extra points for being a 'Cloverfield LN.' type sequel to 'Oceans 11'...... I love that meta shit. There's a fun, watchable cast and Soderbergh makes it all look pretty but 'Logan Lucky' takes itself just serious enough as a heist film to keep it from being a classic comedy. Then uses the characters ignorance for comedy just enough to keep the heist from being believable. While all that doesn't ruin a nice, breezy film; it doesn't make that big of a mark either.

  • Annabelle: Creation

    Annabelle: Creation


    Better than it has any right to be. Still isn't a truly scary horror film; rather the best possible version of a tired sub-genre. The glossy James Wan' supernatural jump scare Hot Pocket dominating the horror box office these years. I enjoy 'The Conjuring' films enough and found 'Insidious' terrifying and ground breaking. Still yet, I think these films have had their day in terms of scaring this amigo.

    That being said David Sandberg (Lights Out) took a suicide mission…

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  • Annabelle



    Watching 'Annabelle' at work actually had counting the minutes left in the film with more anticipation than the minutes in my shift.

    The only reason I caved and finally watched this abomination was out of respect for my upcoming viewing of 'Annabelle: Creation' which I'm doing out of respect for David F. Sandberg (Lights Out) and the many horror aficionados I trust singing its praise.

    That and I have to be honest, a horror doll movie holding a positive 'Rotten…

  • Out for Justice

    Out for Justice


    When your ego is so large that you decide you want to be a mobster but aren't Italian but also a cop because you're always a cop. A laughably bad Steven Seagal wise guy accent turns into the perfect vehicle for balls-out badassery......somehow.