James Powers

James Powers

I love movies. I don't always love the right ones. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Ghost Stories

    Ghost Stories


    Eh. I mean, there's a lot of fun, creepy, effective stuff here - but none of it struck me as exceptional (yeah ok, homages to the greats, genre exercise, blah blah blah). This could have been good solid fun nonetheless - but in the end the narrative framework didn't work for me, like at all.

    The big reveal that ostensibly ties everything together is one of the oldest and cheapest tricks in the book. Granted, the final bit with the…

  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    ladies n gennlemun, we got ourselves a gen-yoo-wine Art Film rah-cheer

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  • Unplanned



    Whenever I hear people in my conservative Christian milieu say "everyone should go SuPpORt tHiS m0viE," that's usually a strong signal to me to avoid said movie. And that's what people are saying about Unplanned. The first five minutes of the film basically confirmed my suspicions - sentimental, anemic, painfully cliche. But then the following five minutes took a hard left, and while that turn was not gracefully executed (and would be the first of several jarring tonal shifts), it…

  • Sausage Party

    Sausage Party


    Worst movie I've ever seen, hands down. The half-star I gave it is merely due to the fact that I am, in fact, glad that I saw it, because now I know just how bad Hollywood can really get.