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  • Creation



    A sad, beautiful look at the personal life of Charles Darwin. You can tell how much the British revere this man in this BBC biopic, which seamlessly blends “Planet Earth”-like footage into an exquisitely-shot drama about a bereaved father; one who also has to wrestle with his life’s work putting him at odds with theocentric society, including his wife. Even at 1 hour 49 minutes, it feels like this film only scratches the surface of Darwin’s unimaginable perseverance.

    Like with…

  • Newness



    Very similar in plot and tone to the script I’m writing—right down to a few scenes being nearly identical. So that was a little eerie; may have to revisit those so I don’t look like a copycat. But then again, no one owns the individual elements of a story, and everything’s been done before regardless…

    Anyway: Solid performances from Nicholas Hoult (Martin) and Laia Costa (Gabriella), the latter of whom I have an instant crush on… Dios mío, that accent.…

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  • Her



    Soo glad I caught the preview screening at the Somerville Theatre! A very timely film for me, in many ways… It made me howl with laughter and reduced me to a blubbering mess*. “Blade Runner” if it were a romance. Spike Jonze is a visionary; Joaquin Phoenix is everything I want to be as an actor; I maybe want to date him too? Wide release on January 10th.

    * Would have been a more enjoyable cry, though, had I not…

  • The Virgin Suicides

    The Virgin Suicides


    How you execute a feature film this well on the first try eludes me, but that’s why Sofia Coppola rules. They say to avoid voiceover in Screenwriting 101, but here it’s effective, weaving together a narrative from disparate perspectives and times. It’d be silly not to, too, as Eugenides’ writing (as adapted by Coppola), is razor-sharp; at once amusing and macabre. Watching this made me want to read the book, and that’s rare of most adaptations. (Though, listening to it,…