Deadpool 2 ★★★★½

Missed #Deadpool when it first came out; missed it AGAIN when it hit Tokyo, where I could’ve seen it with Japanese subs lol but decided that’s not what vacations are for, but finally caught it tonight as part of a double-feature with an early screening of #Deadpool2. Spoiler-free review:

To touch on Deadpool 1 first: Amazing, spot-on portrayal. I’m thrilled they kept Ryan Reynolds in the role despite rebooting the character; he was always perfect for it and it would’ve been a shame to throw the baby out with the bath water the way Sony/Disney did Andrew Garfield.

In a certain respect, it’s the first truly innovative superhero movie since “Batman Begins”. The asterisk being that intentionally-B indie horror films have brought over-the-top gore, comedy, and fan service in equal measure for years. But it’s certainly new for Hollywood proper.

Not to slight Avengers et al. though. As my brother Austin points out, without the relentless competition from Marvel–Disney, Fox probably wouldn’t’ve taken the risk on such an obscure character, nor an R rating. Hopefully the acquisition of 20th Century doesn’t stifle future creativity.

Otherwise happy that everything’s going to be under one tent now. I’d hate to see a “Deadpool: Homecoming” with Reynolds recast. Also happy that my money isn’t going to that prick Rupert Murdoch every time I buy a ticket to a Fox film, even if he is getting richer in this deal.

ANYWAY, “Deadpool 2”: I wouldn’t call it better than the first, which had the benefit of novelty, and a less tired motivation for Wade Wilson (DM me for specifics). But it’s a solid sequel; it ups the ridiculousness while still managing to weave a plot throughout.

I do think they gave too many characters funny lines when it didn’t necessarily fit all of their personalities. With someone as off-the-walls as Deadpool, you kind of need a world’s worth of straight men [the comedy concept not the demographic] to balance him out.

But I mean, it’s hard to complain when you’ve got freaking Cable in the movie. CABLE, of all characters. Never thought I’d see the day. Also he’s kind of a DILF in this? Barely recognized Josh Brolin. Wish we could’ve gotten a “HYPER… VIPER BEAM” out of him à la Marvel Vs Capcom.

There is some LGBT superhero representation in supporting roles which is refreshing, but Deadpool’s sexuality (bisexual/pansexual depending on whom you ask) is only hinted at and seems to be played for laughs more than anything. As a bi guy I would’ve liked to see that explored.

Despite my nitpicking I do recommend it! I was howling with laughter the entire time—the kind that’s usually reserved for my friends’ improv and standup—which is so rare for this genre. It’s “Post-Whedon” [in more ways than one]: what were once one-liners now comprise the script.