Flawless ★★

“Flawless” is anything but; I stuck with it longer than I should have out of respect for the late PSH, who brings brilliant depth to a drag queen character (though his impersonation comes off a little overdone). DeNiro plays an overt homophobe whose sudden stroke later lands him in the drag queen’s singing lessons for physical rehabilitation. Will quality time with a real life queer help him overcome his bigotry? Whether it will or won’t, there’s clearly no saving some of the minor characters in the film, like a wheelchaired old lady who is given a homophobic one-liner for “comedic” effect. Oddly, the film does not attempt much else humor-wise, reading more as a sad drama despite carrying the label of “comedy” on both my DVR *and* IMDb.

There are three subplots, two of which are about violent people who Want Their Fucking Money, the third of which would be the drag show event for which the movie takes its name, yet none of these things establish their relevance in 75ish minutes out of 112, so I turned it off.