Her ★★★★★

Soo glad I caught the preview screening at the Somerville Theatre! A very timely film for me, in many ways… It made me howl with laughter and reduced me to a blubbering mess*. “Blade Runner” if it were a romance. Spike Jonze is a visionary; Joaquin Phoenix is everything I want to be as an actor; I maybe want to date him too? Wide release on January 10th.

* Would have been a more enjoyable cry, though, had I not been A.) sitting right next to a couple (by myself) and B.) amongst an audience laughing at inappropriate times; I think the initial funny bits set it up as a straight comedy for some. That, or they didn’t allow themselves to take the [not too] far-out premise seriously, and/or weren’t able to empathize with the characters on a deep level.