Venus ★★★

A very “meh” film. It’s well-written and -acted, but the plot fails to engage. The “romance” is pathetic and creepy—I say this based not on the age difference, but on the persistent forwardness of the main character. And it’s clearly intended to come off that way, perhaps to elicit sympathy for him, who seems otherwise respectable, is alone and dying, and just wants to indulge in carnality one last time. But it in fact made me dislike him for crossing boundaries and playing into the “perverted old man” stereotype. The young woman (mostly) rejecting his advances is realistic, and good for her, but that’s what makes the film not too enjoyable to watch.

There are lots of scenes of people drinking and being British. (Perhaps that’s redundant.) There is a lot of talk of death: it is a central theme to the piece, which will instill, if not resurface, any fears you might have about old age. At the very least, I am left thinking about what I want to accomplish while I am still relatively young.