Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

I had a moment watching TLJ where I was like "oh god, am I an unbeknownst even to me Star Wars shill?? What if this movie isn't good and I am simply too easily swept up into big budget action movies or something", but after getting out of seeing TRoS, I can confirm that that's not the case, because I hated pretty much everything about this movie. Nothing is earned, nothing feels satisfying, nothing feels purposeful, there are no themes, there are no jokes, there is no heart. This film is empty, devoid of anything but the driest, dullest callbacks and references that are at the detriment of so much of what is strong about TLJ. The only praise I have for this movie is that most of the scenes between Rey and Kylo Ren are good and engaging, even if the resolution to both characters' arcs is unbelievable at best. The gay kiss between two unnamed side characters was more insulting than anything, and I refuse to give Disney any woke points for doing the absolute bare minimum for queer representation. The deep fried lightning bolt blast was my favorite part, in that it made me actually laugh out loud for a solid minute in the middle of the nearly-empty theater.