Monos ★★★★½

9.4 - Breathtakingly gorgeous (possibly best looking film of 2019 yet), Alejandro Landes' Monos is an unforgiving insight of the cycle of war violence and youths in Colombia.

Enjoyment: 4.6/5 | Quality: 4.8/5

An immersive experience, Monos is impressive on many technical levels. From its aggressive in-your-ears sound editing to its simplistic yet animalistic score from Mica Levi, the film transport its audience into the wet and humid Colombian jungle war zone. It is also quite a pleasant surprise that it is the first time in front of the camera for most of these child actors and actresses as their raw emotions are displayed at full force. Captivating and mesmerizing, Monos is a knockout film of 2019. The only nitpick is that if only Alejandro Landes fully fleshes out and/or commits to the subplot of the film, this movie would have easily been my favorite of the year.

On the mountain top
Where the clouds wrap around the moss,
It always rains with loud thunder,
Where the spring water flows down,
It is a cycle.Child soldiers
Trained to hold guns,
Trained to follow commands,
Trained to be ruthless.
It is a cycle.