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  • Alien


    I bought the bluray on a whim and rewatched it last night. It still amazes me how this movie does not look 40 years old, it's crazy.

    Alien is a masterpiece, a precursor, a work of art. From the cast to the cat (cat is very important), from the lighting to the way the camera moves, from the scenery to the music. The way sci-fi is mixed to horror is mind blowing and it works very well. I've seen this…

  • Asako I & II

    Asako I & II

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I stepped into the cinema with little to no knowledge about what Asako was actually about. I knew it was a drama/romance movie, and I knew ripper_ liked it. A lot. I trust his taste in movies so I wasn’t worried. Props to him for making me want to go see it.

    2 hours later and the end credits are rolling in front of me, and oh boy was that movie an experience. I’m not usually a big fan of romantic movies…

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  • The Drone

    The Drone


    this is the dumbest movie ever made and I loved every second of it

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Very well done and legitimately scary, my favorite horror movie of the year so far. Good job miss scientology.

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  • Kim Possible

    Kim Possible

    I watched this because of nostalgia and knew it was going to be bad but jesus christ it's so bad. Scariest part was the open ending suggesting there's going to be a second one.

  • Parasite



    i love this movie so much fuck