2046 ★★★★★

"In love you can't bring on a substitute."

If I was asked to describe this film to someone, I would simply say that the film is like a dream. Beautiful, surreal, melancholic and unreasonable. It's far from the ordinary, but still, it feels completely real and authentic.

The film is basically about moving forward, and how we're attached to the past, even though we can't alter it. The films "message" is told through symbolism, so it's not easy to give an objective review, but that's also what's great, that everyone will have their own interpretations!

This film is part of a trilogy, and I feel like it's heavily overshadowed by it's predecessor, "In The Mood For Love". I wouldn't necessary call that film overrated, but it's just a shame that it overshadows the other films, kind of similar to how "Oldboy" does in Chan-Wook Parks "Vengeance-Trilogy".

So yeah, I loved this film! Wong-Kar Wai really captures the humanistic falls and errors and simultaneously portraits the basic human desires. This is one you can analyze in many different ways, but no matter how you see it, it's great filmmaking. Highly recommended for pretty much anyone interested in something original, different and beautiful!

"Whenever someone asked why I left 2046, I always gave them some vague answer. It was easier."

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