Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

Next week I'm going to shoot my new, and by far most ambitious film project to date. With this in mind I decided to show one of my favorite movies, as a source of inspiration and point of reference.

Buffalo 66 is a hard movie to describe, as Gallo's style is incredibly different. It reminds me a lot of Cassavetes, with a touch of Ozu, and makes for some oddly affecting films. I am in a minority here, as I consider the highly controversial Brown Bunny to be Gallo's greatest accomplishment, as well as one of my personal favorite films. Despite this, Buffalo 66 is a film I consider to be a masterpiece in it's on right, and I feel like it's a film that Hollywood of today could learn a lot from.

An aspect that I feel is missing in contemporary(mainstream)cinema, is that of excitement and experimentation. Gallo presents a concrete and coherent narrative, that everyone can follow, while still trying out new techniques and methods, never before seen in a movie of this kind. And that is exactly what's missing today: The originality and guts, possessed by a filmmaker with a deep respect, love and passion for the cinematic artform.

The film is somewhat of a cult-classic, but still highly overlooked. I truly hope that Vincent Gallo decides to release movies again, as he is one of our most daring and honest directors. And actors. And screenwriters. And mousicians.

If my next short manages to to contain even a glimpse of this films beauty, it'll be the best thing I've ever done, and it feels really good to have shown this to people from the team.

One of them genuinely cried. Gallo is simply too good.

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