Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★½

Them colors <3

I would probably call myself a Makoto Shinkai fan, as he has made some of the most emotionally and visually stunning animated films of all time. Your Name carries some of that magic as well, but unfortunately not on the same uncompromised level.

The genuine, humane and subtle feel of his earlier films are, unfortunately, not presented in the same way this time around. Shinkai's most commercial film yet, for sure. Despite this, the visuals are still breathtaking.

My biggest issue with this film is it's plot, which isn't bad, but really manages to distract the viewers from what Makoto Shinkai does best: Captures the human yearning for love. This is a big theme in this film anyway, but not in the same way as his earlier works.

Makoto Shinkai is a master of displaying the fragile and beautiful thing that is human existence, in a poetically accurate way. This is not some of his best work, but even the fact that we get those magical fragments and glimpses(especially towards the ending)of sheer love, makes it all worth while.

Definitely worth seeing in a theater if possible!

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