• Broken Blossoms

    Broken Blossoms


    In only four years time, D.W. Griffith went from releasing racist, harmful propaganda, to releasing a film about the beauty of Buddhism and the ignorance of the Western world.

    Amituofo, Buddha bless! 🙏

  • Under the Cherry Moon

    Under the Cherry Moon


    I can't believe how underrated this film is!?

    Sure, it's goofy, but it's also amazingly beautiful from a visual standpoint, and has that timeless feeling of golden era Hollywood all around it.

    Shot in beautiful black and white(and obviously paired with a banging soundtrack)Under The Cherry Moon is pure entertainment, expressed in a lighthearted, playful and completely singular way.

  • Easy Rider

    Easy Rider


    Dennis Hopper will always be my hero!

    This film is as important and game changing as Citizen Kane(probably even more so)as it took American cinema into a new stage and practically demolished the Studio System.

    No other film has been able to liberate and free future filmmakers in the same way, before or since.

    There is no need for me to go into more details, as Easy Rider clearly has stood the test of time.

    Personally, I still feel like…

  • Solaris



    Imagine trying to top 2001 with a lifeless and mediocre TV drama...

  • Sand



    I come from a place where there almost exist a segregation of sorts; between the Christians and the atheists.

    My family are all atheist, and I used to consider myself as one too. It wasn't until my teenage years, when I discovered philosophy, that I would start questioning that position.

    Philosophy became more than a passion, almost a necessity, in order for me to live a happy life. I was never seriously suicidal, but I lived in a melancholy vacuum…

  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die

    I work at a movie theater, and part of my job is to run through new releases, which means that I spoil most new films for myself...

    We had some early screenings of this film today, and I managed to watch significant chunks from it. Having seen the entire opening, the complete ending, as well as some other scenes scattered throughout, I found myself being pleasantly surprised, moved and impressed.

    I still haven't finished it, but I have a feeling that it might be the best Bond movie yet.

  • The Medium

    The Medium


    I finally got to see my most hyped film of the year!

    There is something so interesting about the topic of Shamanism to me. There seems to be primal instincts inside us that attracts us to such things, and even in the more "consumerist" and "secular" parts of the world, it's obvious that we as humans are dependent on rituals of different sorts.

    Can rational science really answer everything? If so, are those answers not possibly already presented to some…

  • Dune



    An solid piece of work, with the potential to be a future classic!

    It can be depressing, at times, to be a cinephile in this day and age. It seems like the blockbuster movies are taking over more and more, and most major films seem to be made purely for financial gain, without any regard for the artform. The independent scene seems to be largely forgotten in the grand scheme of things, and the singular voices are often offered more…

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    Once, Zhuang Zhou dreamed he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering about, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't know that he was Zhuang Zhou.

    Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Zhuang Zhou. But he didn't know if he was Zhuang Zhou who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuang Zhou. Between Zhuang Zhou and the butterfly there must be some distinction! This is called the Transformation of Things.

    — Zhuangzi, chapter 2 (Watson translation)

  • Porno Holocaust

    Porno Holocaust


    As much of a masterpiece as the title suggests.

  • Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

    Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time


    All things must pass.

    (Mild spoilers ahead)

    Who would've thought that the last entry of the infamous Evangelion franchise would start of so calm and soothing? Lured into a false sense of security, the signature anxiety inducing nature if the series gradually arises, and we are reminded of what makes the Evangelion franchise so brilliant.

    Technically speaking, I think this might be THE most impressive animated film I have ever seen. Each shot is so incredibly detailed and well made…

  • The Unseen River

    The Unseen River


    This was such a wonderful surprise! Very reminiscent of Apichatpong, but also Tsai Ming Liang. Wonderful Buddhist ideas illustrated in a dreamlike and completely original way. Available to watch on Mubi right now!