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  • Upgrade



    The first thing I thought when the credits rolled on this inventive sci fi jaunt was “I’m going to need more of this.” Unfortunately most people know Logan Marshall-Green as that guy they thought was Tom Hardy. In this film he plays a technology phobic fella from the near future who seeks revenge after being paralyzed by a gaggle of thugs. How can a paraplegic whoop ass you ask? Well he gets an “upgrade” in the form of a smart…

  • American Animals

    American Animals


    American Animals is many things - it is a quasi coming of age tale, a heist movie, a true crime thriller and, oddly enough, a documentary. With all these balls in the air you might think this film would be a bit of a scattered mess. You'd be wrong. Director Bart Layton delivers a focused, inventive, compelling and immensely entertaining film. Layton made a mark in 2012 with the intriguing documentary The Imposter and you can see elements of that…

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Writer/ Director Paul Shrader has made a living creating characters like the one Ethan Hawke plays in his latest film First Reformed. These are men in conflict struggling against the weight of the world as well as the weight of their souls. This story follows a priest who is in recovery after losing his son to war. A young couple seek his guidance and his interactions with them change the trajectory of his life both physically and spiritually. First Reformed…

  • Blindspotting



    Blindspotting is many things but when you peel all the layers back, it’s a tale about identity - our own identity, the worlds perceived identity of us, the identity of our home and who we are once we loose our identity. 
    This film wears several genre caps. It’s one part comedy, one relationship drama and one part social commentary. Each element of the picture is deftly constructed and perfectly executed. The comedy is witty and razor sharp. The relationship drama…