Late Night ★★★

Late Night is a good intentioned, uneven comedy with an interesting cast led by Emma Thompson who struggles with the material because the material is underdeveloped and poorly edited. Whew that was a long sentence. 
The plot follows mindy Kaling, who also wrote the screenplay, as a “minority hire“ for a struggling late night comedy show. Emma Thompson, the host of the show, is a legend in her field but has lost touch with her audience. She’s being forced out and only Kaling can save the day. 
This movie has several moments of charm and Emma Thompson gives the movie a weight that the writing doesn’t. Late Night, however, is just so damn cookie cutter. It plays on every predictable trope in the book and, at no time, attempts to make any of the tropes it’s own. 
Add to that some of the sloppiest editing I’ve seen in a long while and the result is a mediocre comedy with a cast that deserved better material.